July 2019
















On the rare day that I do not feel like practicing, I take the trumpet out of the case and just hold it. As I stare at the trumpet little bits of melody start in my head. I often think my prettiest sound happens in these moments. Sit quietly with your trumpet and see if your imagination also begins to sing to you.

Summer is for me a time of experimentation with the different ways I practice and the materials that I have found that I hope will lead me to better playing and fun new musical directions. Try to play some different things: a Irish flute melody; a Jewish dance melody; or an Arab chant, Youtube can find for you so many kinds of music. Open you heart and ears and deepen your musicianship.


Sometimes we can gain insights or alter our perspective by listening to a person’s artistry that is so different from our own experience. I found this Ted Talk by Sissel Morken Gullford so interesting and impressive. I hope you find it full of ideas and thoughts for you to consider as you pursue your different interests.

A Frozen magical journey from the Norwegian mountains | Sissel Morken Gullord


the post that started it all: Bukkehornbånsull
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Of Interest

Karen Tamaka Silent Ocean


Raymond Mase – Extended Flexibility for trumpet and other valved brass instruments ed: Bims



Philip Cobb Trumpet



North Star” Anthony Barfield

Joe Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic

Chris Coletti, Principal Trumpet, Canadian Brass



Philip Smith Interview




Re Visit

This month I have returned to my standard routine from the Complete Lip Flexibilities Vol 1-3 by Charles Colin. I have created repeats and rhythm variations in vol 3 that I find make me gain range and endurance and the variety of rhythm assure my lips do what I wish instead of the lips choosing when to move.

Added to my Colin’s book I practice I add a variety of scale patterns over the full range of the trumpet that I use in concert. If there is time and more face, perhaps additional high range will be considered.