Helpful materials for your trumpet journey…


The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness – Gerald Klickstein

Oxford University Press 2009

“I predict that The Musician’s Way will be an instant classic. It is the most useful, comprehensive book I have ever read on developing the skills of a successful performer. Every music lover – student, professional, amateur, and teacher alike- should own this book.”

Jefferey Solow, Professor of Cello, Temple University

President, American String Teachers Association


A Cornet-Playing Pilgrim’s Progress –The complete autobiography of Herbert L. Clarke

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This wonderful autobiography provides insight into the technical and musical development of cornet soloist Herbert L. Clark. In an era of self-taught musicians, Clarke shows how one can move from a beginner to a premier soloist through observation, clear thought and tenacity. The variety of topics discussed is wider than you would imagine from such an accomplished player. You walk away after reading the book thinking “if Clarke could succeed like that- so can I”. This book is inspiring and helpful.


Trumpet Technique – Frank Gabriel Campos

Oxford University Press 2005

“Trumpet Technique by Frank Gabriel Campos is a book that every student, teacher, and professional will want to have. Quoting many of the greatest teachers and professionals of our time, Campos provides a needed reference in our lifelong quest to master the trumpet.”

Vincent DiMartino, Distinguished Matton Professor of

Music at Centre College, President of the

International Trumpet Guild 2001-2003.