“As one who tried his hand at writing (and having published) a book for beginning trumpeters the challenge of making it clear and simple is grater than it may seem. Dr. Bruce Barrie’s new book Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player is a much-needed guide to help young players develop good practice skills. This book would also be very useful to former trumpeters, who are trying to make a come-back. Bravo Dr. Barrie on filling a gap and pointing players in the right direction.”

Frank J. Kaderabek

Principal Trumpet Philadelphia Orchestra (retired)

Prof. Trumpet Curtis Institute of Music and West Chester University (retired)


Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player  is a fresh approach to a much needed, integration of some frequently isolated developmental skills including lip buzzing, singing, careful listening,  and playing. In addition, these routines serve as a good warm up if the suggested plan of use is followed. The eight routines are interesting to play, provide much variety, are progressive as to difficulty, and suggest adequate rest between sections. Instructions for the proper practice of these routines are clear and concise and continually focus the student upon the purpose of each exercise. Attention is frequently directed toward producing a good quality sound while providing focus on aural skills. This leads to the development of accurate pitch as well as an easy, centered, and beautiful sound.

These routines provide an efficient and effective problem solving system that will work equally well for trumpeters in any stage of development”

(extraction from Preface- Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player)

Bill Pfund

Professor Emeritus, University of Northern Colorado

Past President, International Trumpet Guild

Performer, Educator and Clinician


Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player by Dr. Bruce Barrie is very well organized, progressive in difficulty and excellent for players of all levels. I like the way the book slips into more difficult exercises as the book progresses and that the multiple tonguing, lip bends, wider intervals, etc. always stress staying relaxed and playing with a good sound. I think these routines are very useful and should be out there for teachers of all levels. An excellent job!

Allan Dean

Professor Trumpet Yale University

Saint Louis Brass Quintet, American Brass Quintet, Summit Brass,

New York Brass Quintet, Calliope: A Renaissance Band, and Contemporary Chamber Ensemble


“Bruce Barrie’s Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player is a marvelous resource for the beginning to intermediate student trumpet player or the “comeback player”. Bruce presents graded routines that cover ALL the technical bases and additionally help develop the student’s ears as well as his or her technical proficiency on the instrument. I wish I had this material when I was starting out playing, it would have saved me from flailing about, wasting time practicing exercises with no clear goals in mind. Bravo, Bruce! I plan to use this book in my teaching from now on.”

Jay Lichtmann

Professor – Hart School, University of Hartford

2nd/Associate Principal Trumpet – Hartford Symphony Orchestra


“Although I am usually suspect of ‘routines’ as they stress physical activity instead of artistic intent, Daily Routines by Bruce Barrie is a great tool for the student trumpeter. The physical training is sound, but most importantly, it refines the connection from aural picture to end product through singing and buzzing. Well designed and paced, I wish I had access to this in my formative years. Well done!”

Eric M. Berlin

Soloist and Artist/Teacher of Trumpet

University of Massachusetts

Principal Trumpet, Albany Symphony and Boston Philharmonic Orchestras
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Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player is a unique pedagogical resource. Dr. Barrie has used his extensive pedagogical knowledge to design a book of routines that stresses the fundamentals of trumpet playing while stretching the student’s basic abilities. The preface is thorough, precise and concise giving the player what is needed without over explanation. Each of the eight routines contains exercises for playing, singing and buzzing all aiming for good pitch and accuracy. The use of specific and changing dynamics is reminiscent of the solid pedagogical materials of Schlossberg, Williams and Shubruck. The changing time signatures and rhythmic patterns keep the exercises fresh and require alertness from the student. The duets in routine VII are especially good intonation training while being interesting for both student and teacher. All of the materials contained in this volume are presented in a fashion that is interesting and challenging. Using Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player will certainly produce measurable positive results in student advancement. This material although written for individual use would certainly be adaptable to use in a daily warm-up class producing equally fine results. I highly recommend Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player.”

Steven Trinkle

Trumpet Studio

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


“Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player” by Bruce Barrie has really turned into the “go-to” resource for the trumpeters in my band. Organized in eight graduated routines, it is extremely easy to tailor-make a routine to fit each of my players and their individual needs. As a high school band director, I’m always on the lookout for new methods that have something new and exciting to offer my students (on ANY instrument). This is it! I’ve actually modified some of his “sing, buzz, play” sequences to use with my entire group. I’d be thrilled if there was a method like this for every other instrument. As an active trumpet player, and private instructor I love how easy it is to target specific areas with his method, and see quick results (the students REALLY love that too). In short, thanks Dr. Barrie for an extremely valuable addition to our library”

Corry Petersen

Director of Bands, Poudre High School and Second Trumpet Fort Collins Symphony


Dr. Barrie’s book Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player fills a vital gap in
the trumpet literature. In my experiences as a teacher, students continually ask
me, “What’s a good routine I might do?” Here, Barrie offers a solid answer, or
answers as the case may be! Meticulously organized and thoughtfully presented,
the book takes the student through much needed developmental steps such as flow,
flexibility, articulation, range, intervals, dynamics and scales/chromatics. I have
not encountered a study book yet that so brilliantly and completely incorporates
dynamics that aid in helping the young player develop a free and flexible aperture
set. There are seven progressively developmental routines of 25-30 minutes each
that assist a budding trumpet student to flourish, if consistently practiced, or that
an established trumpeter can utilize (mix and match) as a solid routine, depending
upon their needs and feel that day. Additionally there is an ingenious eighth
routine comprised of duets for use by the teacher with a student for lesson and
modeling purposes, or for students to employ with interested fellow players. Well
planned with devices such as Sing/Buzz/Play, lip bending, pedal tone introduction,
and helpful tips along the way, Daily Routines is both fundamental and musically
interesting and is destined to become a resource visited by MANY trumpeters. I will
not hesitate to recommend it to my current and future students!

Al Hood
Associate Professor of Trumpet
Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver
Jazz Soloist/Denver Brass member
Rafael Mendez Brass Institute faculty


With the Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player by Dr. Bruce Barrie the necessary daily routines are no longer a boring routine thing. It’s fun to play and Dr. Barrie shows a great experience as a trumpet instructor. All the things which should be trained are included: slurs, intervals, tonguing, singing, some rhythm specialties and – yes! – “best sound”! No exercise is too long or too high or too complicated for ordinary trumpet students. If they take the chance offered in this book they will increase their skills, I’m sure. Congratulation to your book, Mr. Barrie – very helpful for teachers and students; now it has a regular place in my classrooms and I’ll recommend it to all my students here in Germany!

Bernhard Muenchbach
Soloist and Recording Artist
Teacher of Trumpet/Brass at Musikschule Offenburg/Ortenau (Germany)
Trumpet Studio (Weisweil/Germany)
Bach Consortium Thomas Strauss (Germany)