Long Tones and Buzzing

Long Tones and Buzzing

Routine I, IA is a classic beginning for buzzing on the mouthpiece. The Sing/Buzz/Play approach helps unfold many aspects of playing the trumpet. The Singing will foster musicianship/musical expression; increase aural skills and reinforce accurate pitch on the trumpet. The Buzzing aids in efficient air/lip coordination and enables the lips to produce an effortless sound. The play should be a beautiful resonant sound full of character. I often will repeat this exercise several times until I feel my sound has an open full quality and that my lips are buzzing easily. IB is to help you develop your sound, feeling the air move evenly and the notes smoothly connecting.

Routine II, IA and IB follow the same concept as in Routine I, but here basic scale patterns are established. If you transpose, other keys could be used to vary the material and work on expanding your range.

Routine III– IA commits the player to buzzing small melodic phrases. Larger breaths will be needed to play the phrase in one breath. Think of the melody expressively and the high point of the phrase is the low fermata note. Singing the phrase helps to remember the line is music. IB makes the phrase a question/answer or call /response musical statement. Using your “Best Sound” is your goal but be dramatic in your presentation of the material.
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Routine IV= IA, B and C while continuing the previous concepts is a low register concentration. The purpose is to be relaxed before moving to the rest of the material in the Intermediate Routine that will focus on the upper register of the trumpet. Be relaxed, let the air flow and make a beautiful sound. In IB you may choose to use a “du” attack instead of a soft “tu” sound.

Routine V- IA and IB continue as before but with more chromatic alterations in IA. The exercises remain simple so you can concentrate on your “Best Sound”, smooth musical phrases and correct intonation between intervals.

Routine VI – IA expands listening to a minor tonality. Check pitches carefully but stay focused on “Best Sound” and smooth musical lines. IB, the “Grand Chromatic” should be played softly do not reset your embouchure when you take a breath. This simple exercise will help develop strength. Later increase the number of counts gradually to make the exercise even more challenging. It has really helped me to increase my endurance and upper register.

Routine VIII the Advanced Routine as Routine IV begins in a relaxed manner as preparation for the material that will follow. Listen carefully, and use your tuner, for the intonation between intervals and let the air flow evenly. Always remember “Best Sound” is the goal.