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A new find for me, although published in 2012, is a wonderful book by Fernando Morais. Pequenos Estudos Brasileiros para instrumentos de metal (Brazilian Short Studies for Brass Instruments – edition MusiMed ISBN: 978-85-7092-036-2). Compilations of the Brazilian Songbook and of folk music it is a great collection of melodies and challenging rhythms for those unfamiliar with Brazilian music. Similar to some early French trumpet methods each melody is learned as a solo technical study followed by a duet of the same material. You will learn different dance styles and the rhythms that make them special. This is a way of learning about and understanding the history of a different culture. I think they are terrific and well worth your investigation. Mr. Morais is a horn player and composer who has written many compositions.



This is a charming piece for trumpet, here demonstrated by Philip Collins who has both a beautiful sound and very polished technique.

Phillip Collins Solo trumpet; Cincinatti Pops Orchestra. Conductor: Erich Kunzel

  1. Offenbach – American Eagle Waltz


Of Interest


What are you practicing for? Upcoming trumpet competitions…


New and Favorites from BIM Publishers for trumpet


Brazilian brass quintet repertoire


Julian Zimmermann; Tromba – A new player to me, what a wonderful sound, beautiful musicality, and obviously technique that should impress anyone.

Georg Philipp Telemann, Konzert für Trompete, 2 Oboen und Basso continuo TWV:43 D7, Largo

Gottfried Reiche Abblasen

Alessandro Scarlatti “Mio tesoro per te moro”

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I would say that Christmas work takes much practice and time; still my triple tonguing practice is getting a work out. The Offenbach waltz has some strong challenges in the triple tonguing sections. Obviously, endurance is an issue as some sections are 40 measures long. I think the octaves and varying wider intervals are a challenge.

The melody





Bringing out the 3rd pulse





Examples of intervals issues







My interval exercise helps me work out the skips. I what to develop control ascending or descending. In the future I will transpose this to other keys and also practice in different registers. I will probably expand the interval space so as to be able to do intervals wider than an octave. I started doing each measure one time and then increasing the number of repeats. Keep the air moving and think “Best Sound” and beautiful melody. Try not to approach this as a technical excersie.












I am considering changing the format of News & Tips for 2020. I am not sure this has been helpful enough compared to my goals.

As the year finishes, I wish you and wonderful holiday season and for the New Year may health and happiness be yours.

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