July 2013

FYI July 2013

In addition to building you library with recordings, it is possible to hear many wonderful performances on the internet. Here are some links to youtube.com that should make you want to practice more!

Timofei Dokshizer

Matthais Hofs

Tine Thing Helseth

Philip Smith, principal trumpet- New York Philharmonic Brass

Tim Morrison, Maurice Murphy, Malcolm McNab and Chris Martin

Below are the list of pieces and players…

Eino Tamberg – Trumpet Concerto #1 op 42
I . Andante. Allegro
II. Lento
III. Allegro molto

Timofei Aleksandovich Dokshizer (1921 – 2005)
Eino Tamberg (27 May 1930 — 24 December 2010)



Eugene Bozza – Rustiques

Matthais Hofs



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Tine Thing Helseth



Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 2

New York Philharmonic



Bonus duet: Phil Smith and Joe Allessi



We all love the movies- trumpet sounds have made it extra special through the writing of John Williams

John Williams- Trumpet Solo Suite (A Tribute)



Details: (who is who)

“A special mention to the great soloists who played in the scores heard in these selections: Tim Morrison (JFK, Born on the 4th of July, Amistad, Nixon), Maurice Murphy (Superman, Dracula, Monsignor), Malcolm McNab (Jaws 2) and Christopher Martin (Lincoln).

All the excerpts are taken from the original film recordings.”