June 2016

radiant color



Radiant Color by B. Barrie





June – it is hard not to think of summer band concerts- I have played many and I have been an audience member too. Band concerts, swimming in the ocean and cook-outs are some of my best summer memories. Play in a summer band if you can, if not, go and hear the concert- you will have a great time!


Practice –

As trumpet players we often focus too much on playing high notes! We also need to be able to play terrific low notes.  I noticed an exercise* in Claude Rippas’s book Einspielen Aus Der Mitte and it brought to mind the challenge of playing the Prelude in Bizet’s opera Carmen. Both of these passages require playing a low “F” on your Bb trumpet. You extend the third slide all the way out. You then make adjustments in the fingering patterns so as to be able to play melodic passages with the extended 3rd slide. A challenge, yes, but as always there are benefits in mastering this aspect of low note playing.

*Rippas- page 46 #17 Study for a Full Sound in the Low Register (Topp Brass Editions)

To begin, try playing this example from J.B. Arban Complete Method- The Art of Phrasing down an octave (third slide fully extended and use alternate fingerings) :

#47 Romance

romanza donizetti


#109 Donizetti – Daughter of the Regiment would work too. Look for more challenges!

Bizet  Carmen, Prelude

Carmen prelude

carmen fingering


Remember to play the melodies in a singing manner and with your best sound. It will take a lot of air. Be extra careful regarding the pitch, as the 3rd slide being extended and using alternate fingering will require some adjustment.

Low Etudes for Trumpet by Phil Snedecor will provide you with some etudes in a different style to continue working on this aspect of low trumpet playing. In doing something like this, you gain the ability to play certain passages on your instrument but importantly you increase you concentration with adjusting to different fingering patterns and by playing through more tubing, you increases your awareness of your air flow, both good knowledge to acquire.

Listening- Part I

Eugene Bozza (1905-1991)  Rustiques (Leduc) is a common recital piece for trumpet. Some addition commentary by Jason Dovel may help you in your performance and knowledge of this work. Biographical information visit: http://www.eugenebozza.com/ .

Dovel, Jason. The Influence of Jazz on the Solo Trumpet Compositions of Eugène Bozza. Denton, Texas. UNT Digital Library. http://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc5186/.

The players:

Ole Edvard Antonsen, trumpet


Wynton Marsalis, trumpet

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James Thompson, trumpet


John T. Cord, trumpet



Music – available from:


Listening-  part II

Continuing on with our exploration of lyrical style, here are three well known sopranos, Callas, Battle and Bartoli singing Rossini’s “una voce poco fa”. Mr. Andre will give an example of a trumpet performance of the work.

“una voce poco fa”- Rossini

Maurice Andre, trumpet


Maria Callas


Kathleen Battle


Cecilia Bartoli




Of Interest

The Influence of Jazz on the Solo Trumpet Compositions of …


by K Johnson – ‎2007


Yehudi Menuhin- Bach music markings, very interesting- I am not saying you should mark your music like this- but perhaps you should give the music that much thought !



Eric Aubier- Great French Concertos 1948-1956 another CD for your collection

Sample:     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7P6-90u_6mQ&sns=em


Maurice Andre – a performance of Telemann Concerto in Bb




 I recently saw an interesting post on FB that was teasing my friend Steven Trinkle. It talked about him having his students use a BERP® and buzzing the Arban Characteristic Studies. While I am considering having my students do this, I thought it would be only fair if I did some Berp®-ing first. I chose to use the Bousquet 36 Celebrated Studies for my exploratory. It is challenging, but the ear training and other benefits are worth the time spent. I realize this is not new or groundbreaking… just the same, I am willing to try or retry concepts, exercises or ideas from other people. My goal is to play better and be aware how I can help my students and other players that I meet have more fun playing their instrument. I am glad that someone thought to post this on FB. I hope to talk to Steven soon about his Berp®-ing adventure and the results in his studio.

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