October 2013

We all have favorite movies and often the music plays a vital role in the impact of the movies. Just hearing the wonderful trumpet players on the soundtracks can inspire us. Phil Collins, the former principal trumpet of the Cincinnati Symphony has given us a wonderful book to help us learn to play in the pops style.  Pops Orchestra- 138 Original Compositions in the Style of the Pops Repertoire – will have you working to put down the next heroic or lyrical passage in in upcoming movie with you as the principal trumpet- what fun! It is available from Collinsnotes  Publications at CollinsNotes@earthlink.net – Enjoy…2013 Oct Pops Orchestra Phil Collins cover

Some of my favorite movies with the trumpet soloist are:

Wayne Bergeron- The Green Hornet; The Incredibles

Andrew Crowley – Bagger Vance

Chris Martin – Lincoln (during the credits)

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Tim Morrison – Apollo 13; Saving Private Ryan; Summon the Heroes

Maurice Murphy – Star Wars

Philip Smith – Sphere; Punchline

Derek Watkins – Chicago; Mission Impossible; James Bond movies