April 2014

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April 2014

As trumpet players we are often caught up in the search for high notes.  If we have a balanced practice routine, and take time to let all aspects develop, given time amazing results should occur.

Here are two videos that show- high notes. Both players are relaxed, have beautiful sounds and make it look easy. Note they are about making music, not just brute force high notes. In the Barry Danielian video he starts the triad on third space “C”- I have been trying this approach out, but began on low “C”.  For younger players, I think low “C” is a great place to begin.  Then go up by half steps as instructed in the video…my students are trying this too! I think you will be happy with the results.

Rashawn Ross- trumpet, Dave Matthews Band


Barry Danielian- trumpet, Blood, Sweat and Tears


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Rafael Mendez- trumpet soloist –

Arban (Trumpet Method)  single tonguing exercises- pages 28-36


Finishing up- here is a wonderful musical performance of a cornet solo by one of the great players on the instrument. Give it a listen and try to bring some of the character in his performance to your practice and performances.

David Daws- cornet

International Staff Band


Remember to practice every day- go slow,have a goal for each practice time and have fun!