May 2014

Anonymous Early Trumpet             Mid-19th Century early valved trumpet

(Chestnut Brass Company Collection)


Visit: to learn more

*note valve order!



I would like to provide you with some information about the International Trumpet Guild and an upcoming performance of the Chestnut Brass Company, with whom I perform regularly.

This May 20-24, the International Trumpet Guild will be holding its 39th annual conference at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA.
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To learn more about the many artists that will be presenting and performing at the conference- please visit:

As a trumpet player and enthusiast, you should consider joining the International Trumpet Guild. Their home page is:

The ITG mission statement:

The International Trumpet Guild is a non-profit organization founded in 1975 to promote communications among trumpet players around the world and to improve the artistic level of performance, teaching, and literature associated with the trumpet.

The ITG  journal is a helpful source of information and will provide avenues for exploration no matter what level of trumpeter you are now. I have been a member of ITG for a long time and have performed and attended conferences when possible.

You can hear the Chestnut Brass Company at the ITG Conference 2014. The CBC performance is on May 21, (Wednesday) 2014 from 10:15 to 11:30 AM in the Waterford Ballroom of the Valley Forge Casino Resort. I hope to see you there, come say hi!