August 2015

Eb Petit Bugle

Selmer Eb Petit Bugle

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  • Practice – August means the end of summer…then the return to school. Are you ready? Hopefully you had some fun practicing your trumpet this summer. Perhaps you accomplished some of your goals, too! Maybe it would be smart to review some scales, chromatics and play a few long tones before you go back to band- just in case you didn’t do any of that this summer!

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  • Listening

Time to stretch and hear something different…

Performance: Huw Morgan plays the Sonatina by Hans Werner Henze


Performance: Häkan Hardenberger – Hans Werner Henze – Sonatina


Masterclass: Häkan Hardenberger on Henze Sonatina


For fun!

Dürrenhorn Passage by Kevin McKee


Music- where to get the Henze:

Schott Music- music for Hans Werner Henze – Sonatina,92244.html



  • Of Interest


Chosen Vale – great place to go and study. Look at “Performances” to see wonderful playing of trumpet literature. This will help expand your knowledge of trumpet literature- I always find new repertoire being performed here.


Arturo Sandoval – talks about warming-up on the trumpet


Timofei Dokshizer plays Sarasate Zigeunerweisen


Books of Interest:

The Practice of Practice by John Harnum

How to Memorize Music – A Practical Approach for non-Geniuses by David Bolton


Fred’s Favorite’s by Fred Mills from Balquidder Music mentioned in July 2015 is now available! I have my copy, it looks great- special note…it’s not for beginners…


  • Re-Visit

This July and August I have be enjoying using my Irons book (Earl D. Irons 27 Groups of Exercises for Trumpet and Cornet, Southern Music Company, 1952). It is a great book for developing lip-flexibility, endurance and strength. I will probably go back to the Charles Colin Complete Trumpet Advanced Lip Flexibility book (3 volumes in one) in September (my standard book for lip flexibility); but right now this is on my stand! It really gets you focused on your breathing. You should use big deep breaths to play what appear to be very simple exercises. Use your metronome and concentrate. Try it, I bet you will see a big difference in your playing if you have never used this book before.