July 2015

W.J. Dyer cornet

W. J. Dyer “Diamond” Bb cornet

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July – the summer is going by quickly. Be sure to review your trumpet practice goals and stay focused!

  • Practice – Technical challenges can be made more approachable by how and what we practice. Multiple tonguing sections often are not just a repeated single note, especially in a concerto. How well do you know your Arban Complete Conservatory Method (my pages numbers will work for the Edwin Franko Goldman edition)?

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A possible plan

  1. double tonguing on one note- page 175 (instructions are on page 153)
  2. scales with page 177, or the basic scale pattern page 59,

***when seeing a sixteenth rest and three sixteenth notes the tonguing pattern is K-T-K or T-T-K

  1. Rhythmic Figure page 28 – 31

Be sure to do some practice with arpeggios and intervals (page 179). When you feel confident with your progress continue on to “The Slur and Double Tonguing”, page 183, and “Rhythmic Figure” on page 137. Later the “Theme” section starting on page 162 can be fun too! Remember to start slowly and use a metronome. The notes should have a beautiful sound, so use a steady flowing air stream and a hard “T” and “K” sound for clarity of articulation. You will need these skills should you want to play the Hummel Concerto (Listening).

Looking for some different material to practice this summer?

Gekker: Articulation Studies (Charles Colin)

Sachs: Daily Fundamentals for the Trumpet (International Music Company)

For the advanced player:

Vacchiano – The Art of Double Tonguing (Edition Peters)

Konradin Groth – ETŰDEN über neue Zungenstoß -und Atem-Techniken für Trompete (Zimmerman, Frankfurt – ZM 2885)


  • Listening

There are two basic pieces in the trumpet repertoire from the Classical period that everyone knows, practices and loves. Last month, June 2015 News and Tips, I featured the Franz Joseph Haydn Concerto in Eb; this month, listen to the Concerto by Johann Nepomuk Hummel.

These artists have different approaches to the piece, yes; but both perform with flair, a beautiful sound and clear dazzling technique. It seems so easy when they play- try to emulate that quality in your playing.

Hummel -Movement 3 –

Alison Balsom, trumpet


Maurice André, trumpet



Hummel Concerto for Trumpet Eb version trumpet part in Bb



  • Of Interest

There are many wonderful offerings in the catalog at Balquhidder Music! I know that I will be adding this gem to my collection…

Fred’s Favorites

A special treat. A collection of eight of Fred Mill’s favorite drills for air flow, range and sound quality (56 pages). Complied by Louise Barranger, with Forewords by Phil Smith and Brandon Craswell. 100% of the profits will go to The Fred Mills Scholarship at the University of Georgia. Look for a mid-August release.

  • Visit & Re-Visit

This summer, I am practicing out of a new to me trumpet book; Jouko Harjanne’s Volume 1 – The Way to the Golden Trumpet Sound, Daily warming up and exercises (Lydke Musikverlag). This book is similar to materials found in Stamp, Schlossberg, Flow Studies etc. but different enough to be fun, useful and a change for increased concentration during practice sessions. An interesting and helpful book from a wonderful trumpet artist!