December 2014

Besson Echo Cornet

              Besson Echo Cornet

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This month, I would like to divide my thoughts into 4 different areas for your consideration. 1.) Practice 2.) Piece for Listening  3.) Of Interest 4.) Revisited.

1.)  Practice

In keeping with last month’s theme of Intervals, I would like to mention two other books you might wish to explore. As a student of James Burke growing up in New York State, I was assigned studies from many of the Ernest Williams trumpet books. Supplementary Studies for Advanced Students of the Trumpet or Cornet (published by Charles Colin)is a fun collection of études. Some are designed for specific intervals study (pages 15-20). There are also six good duets to play with a teacher or friend.

If you are well along in your studies you should visit with Introduction to 25 Etudes (Pages 61-95) from New Concepts for Trumpet- Innovative Etudes, Duets and Studies by Allen Vizzutti (published by Alfred Publishing Company).Numbers 10, 11& 14 are labeled as specifically for intervals, but all of these etudes will be worth the time invested to play them well. Be sure to read the helpful text spread throughout the book. Good information and a great variety of material to help hone your trumpet skills.


2.)  Listening Project

Maid of the Mist by Herbert L. Clarke is a classic of the cornet solo repertoire. It is a great place to begin your cornet solo playing . Here are some different players to listen to and study how they interpret the style of the piece.

John Cord

Fabio Simão

Gerard Schwartz


3.)  Of Interest:


Two new recording by Eric Aubier-

The Christmas Album – La trompette de Noël
Eric Aubier rend hommage à Maurice André
INDE072 – 2CD Gershwin Legrand Bolling Bach Mozart Bizet Luypaerts Escaich Franck Spirituals Clarke Gounod

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I will be adding these to my CD collection- Eric Aubier is a special player and teacher! Only hearing him play live would be better than having his recordings in your collection.

Be sure to spend some time everyday listening to great trumpet players- it will inspire you to practice and help you to know what you should sound like when you play.

4.)  Revisited


No matter how long you have played the trumpet, going back to listen to your recordings (favorite or not) or reworking études, concertos or any material that help you gain an understanding or a strength in your music making, is a positive thing.

This month I went back to two outstanding items and really enjoyed spending further time with them.

Recording: “The fam’d Italian masters” Music for two trumpets from the Baroque. Crispian Steele-Perkins & Alison Balsom- trumpets, The Parley of Instruments – Hyperion CDA67359

This is a wonderful collection of music for two trumpets and the playing is stellar. The trumpets play with beautiful trumpet sounds and in an inspiring manner- very heroic.

Étude book: E.F. Goldman – Practical Studies for the Trumpet– publisher: Carl Fischer, Inc.

Numbers 10 and 11 are about intervals, but the whole book is fun once you have put in your time mastering each challenge. Insights into style and phrasing are highlighted, while providing work for developing tone, technic, and rhythm. While I like most of them a lot- I especially love the double and triple tonguing sections. Also, I seem to play numbers 8, 25 and 28 often, judging by all the metronome markings on the side of the page. Start slowly, working with your metronome and mark your progress. Seeing and hearing progress will help most of us stay focused and working hard towards our goals. Remember to record your practice sessions- that means listening to yourself in a positive manner and making corrections.

Happy New Year…