November 2014

Besson F-G trumpet 300px

F. Besson  G/F Trumpet

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Many young trumpeters do take weekly private lessons, but not everyone does for a variety of reasons. I hope that the information on this site can help us all get to play the trumpet better and enjoying both our practice time and performances.

Often I hear a student ask- “what should I be practicing?” The answer varies greatly with each person- mostly it depends on goals, amount of time devoted to practice and current ability level. I also think a general awareness of what good trumpeters sound like is extremely helpful. The more you listen to great players, the greater your understanding of what you can achieve through your own directed practice.

If you have mastered your major and minor scales and have your chromatic scales going too; then a good next step could be to start working on your interval studies. I do like the ones that I developed for my book, but there are many “classic” places to begin.

The Arban Complete Method for Trumpet is a common place to start- pages 125-131, although challenging at first; they really can get things going. I also like the St. Jacome Grand Method, Book II pages 157- 162.
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Often it takes a while to get the intervals to go well, tenacity and a well define goal will keep you on track. Sometimes it helps to use different books covering the same material to help keep focus and freshness in the task. I find The Trumpet Teacher’s Guide- A Problem-Based Bibliography of Selected and Graded Etudes and Duets by Gordon Mathie very helpful in finding addition specific materials.

For your listening- here are some wonderful performances of the same piece…

Listen, compare, enjoy and set goals so you too can play like these great artists…

George Enesco “Legend” for trumpet

Maurice Andre-

Alison Balsom

Matthis Höfs

Manny Laureano