June 2014

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          Walter Lawson Descant French Horn

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For most, school is out, maybe the warm weather has begun… it is summer! Summer for me has images of evenings at the local band shell. America has a great tradition of summer band concerts- mine started with my high school band and later I played with the local North Patchogue Fire Department Band doing parades and concerts. I have many wonderful memories of this time in my life. See if you can find a band to play with and enjoy some great musical experiences!
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The summer is also a time when I try to practice new things; a portion of the summer, I revisi tmy favorites too- cornet solos. I was lucky to begin my early studies with the cornet soloist James F. Burke who played solo cornet with the Goldman Band in New York City. My lessons often had me practicing a cornet solo. From my library, since the record is long worn out, I now have the CD version- Cornet Favorites with Gerard Schwarz, cornet and William Bolcom, Piano. Solos by Arban, Clarke and Simon sound wonderful and show how special a cornet soloist can be. Get yourself a copy or hear some cornet solos on youtube.com. These pieces may take great tenacity to learn- but what a journey! Listen to the ease of playing and great style of Mr. Schwarz. Work to sound like that and you too will be a very special performer.

If you are not yet ready for that difficult repertoire, I suggest that you turn to the section of your Arban book that is “The Art of Phrasing- 150 Classic and Popular Melodies” ( page 191 in my edition).  Here you will find a rewarding and fun area to improve your singing style of playing. I would suggest for this repertoire getting hold of Airs d’Opera with Maurice Andre performing with Orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse, Michel Plasson conducting (EMI CDC 7 49219 2). On this CD the works of Bellini, Bizet, Puccini, Donizetti and others will inspire you to sing through your trumpet and make beautiful melodies shine with a glorious trumpet sound. That same great quality of style, sound and playing can be heard on Balade Impressionniste with Eric Aubier (Indesens INDE014) that I previously suggested you give a listen.

Listens to these special trumpet players- then, start practicing….

Have a great fun summer!

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