October 2014

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         Why do you play the trumpet?

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As a trumpet player and a teacher I have seen what remarkable things can happen when one commits to regular and focused practice. Here are two items to aid you in finding better focus and in acquiring a plan to set goals and develop your practice sessions. Remember- have goals, have a plan to achieve your goals over time. Each time you pick up your instrument commit to making a beautiful sound, tell a good story with the music to be played and have fun…

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Distracted? 6 Practicing Tips to Improve your Focus


I really like these tips- they are all really helpful…try using them and see if you don’t enjoy practicing more and have much better results!


Good Vibrations- Masterclasses for Brass Players by Randy C. Gardner

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Although Mr. Gardner is a noted horn player (Philadelphia Orchestra) and teacher (University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music) reading this book will help many areas of your playing. Physical and mental aspects of playing are addressed. Most importantly, by reading about the materials to be practiced, one can gain insights on problem solving to be directed to your own practice room. Specific trumpet skill assignments are listed that were compiled by Alan Siebert, trumpet professor at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. I look forward to applying these techniques to my practice sessions and hope you will also.


I love Time saver #1: Sing, Buzz, Play and use it all the time- you would see the same concept on my Daily Routines for the Student Trumpet Player…are you putting that into use in your daily practice?

Even if the trumpet exercises are beyond your present skill level- read through the comments of the french horn exercises and see what kinds of musical and technical thoughts are being discussed. How you can think about different passages in music will still apply and give you direction in your practice.